Argao’s Most Iconic Delicacy

Torta is Argao’s most iconic delicacy. It is still prepared in the most traditional way; flavored with fresh coconut sap or Tuba and baked in clay oven, the torta of Argao is uniquely “maglaway ka sa kalami”.

Torta was supposedly a by-product of the contruction boom. For the construction of massive stone walls mortar was needed as binding material. This mortar was essentially produced by mixing egg white from the egg yolk and used the whites for the mixing of mortar. This procedure, of course, left a tremendous amount of egg yolk. It is an oral tradition that the Argawanons did not wish to waste such an amount of precious dietary staple. Thus, they found ways to make a good use of it, and out of it resulted the Torta de Argao.

Torta was made of egg yolks and two other major ingredients, namely lina, which is the early morning-fresh and non-fermented tuba or coconut toddy, and pork lard. Tuba was used instead of yeast, and lard contributed to a very particular taste. These three major ingredients were mixed with flour, sugar, milk and butter or margarine.
If you would like more information on Argao and how to get there, contact the Tourism and Information Center: / +6332 932 333 3167

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